PABX System

what it is?

PABX is a business solution for companies that need many lines for in-house and outside calls. It allows companies to use a single access number that has several extensions. This is cheaper compared to using many landlines linked to the public network.

A company that uses either PBX or PABX acts like a telephone exchange. PABX automates the switching tasks needed to connect calls between extensions.

how it work?

PABX works like a mini version of a public telephone exchange. A typical system has both software and hardware. These include telephone units, routers, fax machines, modems, hubs, adapters, and switches.

With PABX, a company can run its own internal phone network using local extension numbers. These extensions correspond to specific phones and devices used in the corporate building.

This system simplifies internal telephone communication. Inhouse calls don’t need to go beyond the local network. Users can also make in-house connections with the touch of a button.

A PABX often greets an incoming call with a recorded message. This greeting is also called Interactive Voice Response (IVR). It usually requests a number for the caller to dial to reach the correct department or can say their commands.

The PABX routes incoming calls based on the code or extension number.

For outgoing calls, a PBX connects with the public telephone exchange. A traditional PBX has one or more external (trunk) lines. It has a fixed number of internal lines (extensions) connected to the trunk line. Staff and other local users need to share the external lines to make outside calls.

what we make?

We have well expertise in installing PABX System as well as Networking. We have successfully accomplished these system at various places including government building.


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